2020 Catalog


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Antisperm Antibodies

Liquid serum samples for qualitative IgG analysis.

2 challenges per testing event.

Embryo Grading

Digitized videos of days 1, 3, and 5 embryos for grading.

2 challenges per testing event. 

Fetal Fibronectin (fFN)

Liquid, 1 mL, simulated cervicovaginal specimens.

2 challenges per testing event. 

Fetal Membrane Rupture
FETAL MEMBRANE RUPTURE TESTTwo samples for the detection of Placental alpha 1 microglobulin
IVF Embryology Culture Media

Two samples of culutre media and one vial of human serum albumin per shipment to determine their suitability of in-vitro embyro cultures


2 challengers per testing event

Preimplantation Genetic Testing - Aneuploidy

Samples consists of DNA extracted Corriell cell lines diluted to the 5 - 6 cell level. The samples will be tested and reported for Sex and Euploid or Aneuploid status and will be graded. Can report chromosome additions or deletions for educational purpose and will not be graded.


3 challenges per testing event

Sperm Count, for Quant & Qual (Post- vasectomy)
Liquid samples of stabilized spermatozoa for qualitative and quantitative analysis.
Sperm Morphology

Unstained semen smears on glass slides and digitized images of spermatozoa for morphologic analysis.

These samples are not compatible with Testsimplets.

2 challenges per testing event. 

Sperm Motility

Digitized videos of spermatozoa for the evaluation of motility.

 2 challenges per event.

Sperm Viability

Eosin-Nigosin stained slides.

2 challenges per testing event.