2020 Catalog


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Direct Antiglobulin Test (DAT)

Saline suspended red cells for direct antiglobulin testing.

2 challenges per testing event. 

D (Rh) Typing

This program is for performing D (Rh) Typing for slide and tube methods.  Samples are a red cells in a 30% concentration.


5 Challenges per testing event

Immunohematology, Basic

ABO Group and Rh Testing

5 specimens per testing event. 

Immunohematology, Comprehensive
  • ABO Group and Rh Testing
  • Unexpected Antibody Detection
  • Unexpected Antibody Identification
  • Compatibility Testing (Crossmatch)

5 specimens per testing event.

Immunohematology, Comprehensive Plus

Blood Group (ABO) and Rh(D) ( 5 paired cells/plasma)

Compatibility Testing (Crossmatch) (1donor cells)

Unexpected Antibody Detection (5 plasma)

Unexpected Antibody Identification ( 5 plasma)

RBC Antigen Typing (1 cell)


5 challenges per event